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Right Out Of Options

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Some Technical Info

By David K Roberts | March 29, 2018

Some Technical Information To Be Getting On With Below is some technical information that will explain my thoughts and how the contagion came about and spreads Schistosomiasis (Bilharziasis) Cause Several species of parasitic blood flukes (trematodes), of which the most important are Schistosoma mansoni, S. japonicum, S. mekongi and S. haematobium. Transmission Infection occurs in…


By David K Roberts | March 29, 2018

Prelude A few weeks had passed and finally the doctor had been charged. Detective Baker now had the chance to continue questioning where others had left off. “My client was not responsible for his actions,” the solicitor, Brian Murphy, insisted. “Your client deliberately developed the bug; then with deliberate and calculated forethought he distributed it…

Chapter 1 – Party Time.

By David K Roberts | March 29, 2018

Chapter 1 – Party Time Sam and his family lived on the outskirts of Cambridge, sixty five miles north of London. Today was Sunday and his habitual time spent on the golf course had been undermined by his kid’s birthday party. The children weren’t twins but one was only just a year older than the…

Chapter 2 – Statuesque.

By David K Roberts | April 6, 2018

Chapter 2 – Statuesque To start with there were a few isolated reports of group fatalities of children. Something was tearing its devastating, fatal and lightning fast path through the younger population. Authorities closed primary schools in a bid to stem the flow of infected. Mortality was over ninety percent for kids, and that was…

Chapter 3 – Looking Back.

By David K Roberts | April 13, 2018

Chapter 3 – Looking Back Unknown to the world and before things finally came to a head, Doctor Peter Ericson had mailed out thousands of ‘invitations’ and letters all around the world well in advance of his own confession. As a result a brand new contagion was spreading like wildfire in every corner of the…

Chapter 4 – Closing Up Shop

By David K Roberts | April 21, 2018

Chapter 4 – Closing Up Shop James’ instinct not to come into contact with his colleague, Robby, was the most inspired act of his day so far, especially as it looked like this was going to be the last functional day of anything that could be called normal. Since then, he’d returned to the control…

Chapter 5 – A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Home

By David K Roberts | April 27, 2018

Chapter 5 – A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Home The trip home was surreal. The mid-afternoon streets were deserted albeit for an excess of mime artists of all shapes, sizes and ages. I never knew mime was such a popular pastime, James thought to himself. When he was frightened these strange thoughts would…

Chapter 6 – Home Safe Home

By David K Roberts | May 6, 2018

Chapter 6 – Home Safe Home While running for his house, James couldn’t get the image of his boss’s suffering out of his mind. Watching him, blood-soaked and writhing in pain on the grass while being ever-increasingly concealed under a mass of slugs and darting, blood-drinking earwigs was simply horrific. Fucking slugs, he cursed to…

Chapter 7 – Closing The Loop

By David K Roberts | May 12, 2018

Chapter 7 – Closing The Loop For Doctor Peter Ericson, alleged mass murderer, prison held no fears. The reason was obvious really: he knew would never spend a single day inside. Before his interview he had been held in solitary confinement, sitting like a Buddha on what was laughably referred to as a bed. When…

Chapter 8 – Circled Wagons Encircled

By David K Roberts | May 19, 2018

Chapter 8 – Circled Wagons Encircled Two strange men stood at the kitchen window staring in. Both were pale, their eyes red-rimmed and unfocused, their clothing torn and dishevelled. Their slack mouths moved as if in silent speech. Dark patches moved around under their skin, this random motion suggesting uncontrolled muscle spasms just under the…

Chapter 9 – Slimy Bastards

By David K Roberts | May 25, 2018

Chapter 9 – Slimy Bastards “What is it?” Claire urged, clearly worried at his reaction and appearance. James looked deathly pale and very upset; he was shivering slightly. “Umm,” he began. “Slimy bastards. They’re everywhere.” “What? What are, the slugs? The people? What?” Claire asked, confused. “The slugs, they’re like a freakin’ army; they’ve formed…

Chapter 10 – Home on The Range

By David K Roberts | June 2, 2018

Chapter 10 – Home On The Range Robert and Amelie Bruford, Claire’s parents, lived on a sprawling farm in deepest, darkest Kent, well, near Paddock Wood in fact. Some areas of the county felt far from the madding crowd but the reality of Kent was that you could never be far from civilisation, it just…

Chapter 11 – Stay In The Dry

By David K Roberts | June 9, 2018

In the short time since Robert and Amelie had returned home, it had begun raining, normally an unremarkable event, especially in England. Not today; the man standing in the porch attested to this fact. His tongue darted in and out of his mouth, small actions, yet frightening all the same. It would have looked rather…

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